I’m Benn.  In “real life” I’m a project manager in Sydney, Australia.

I grew up in Tasmania, Australia, and as a kid spent many thousands of kilometres squabbling with my brother in the back seat of the family station wagon on road trip holidays across Australia.  Perhaps those trips developed my taste (or a heightened tolerance) for travel by road.  None of them were quite this long though…

When I was coming up with this idea, I didn’t think that many (sane) people would want to sign on for a 6 month road trip.  So I emailed some of my friends and suggested they needed to come for 2-3 weeks of the trip.  One of them said that he didn’t want to come for only 3 weeks, he wanted to come for the whole thing.

AndresThat’s why Andres is one of my (least sane) besties.  He’s an architect from Guadalajara, Mexico who can never stay in the one place very long.  A travel maniac, we met while he was studying in Sydney.  He’ll be travelling with me from London until the end of China.  He claims he is teaching himself Russian.  I’ll believe it when I see a Russian look like he has any idea what Andres just said.


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    • Martin – I can’t believe I haven’t found that site until now. I’m devouring all the trip reports on there. Great recommendation, Thanks!

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