Where are we right now?

(Click on Magda (the bus thing) on the map below for current location)
(Last updated 16 December 2012)

Where are we going?

“If everything went exactly as planned, where would the adventure be?”   Perfect reason why not to plan too closely we reckon.  Although we have a rough route outlined, we will see where the road takes us, and where we feel like going.  In general we need to average around 200km/day, less in places like Mongolia where the roads (or lack of) don’t allow it.  Some days will be driving days, allowing a days off in other places.

We head off from London around the 2nd of July, and from there the route goes Europe > Greece > Turkey > Russia > Kazakhstan > A little bit more Russia > Mongolia > Possibly one last bit of Russia and then back into Kazakhstan > China > Laos > Thailand > some random Asia stuff while the car ships to West Australia > Australia > Sydney.

And just because I  can, here’s a visual…


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