Behind the scenes

So it’s all over.  Life returns to ‘normal’, and it’s now my turn to live vicariously through other traveller’s tales.  But there is one small piece of writing left.

During the trip we received a lot of questions through the site on the detail of the organisation of the trip.  How did we handle visas?  Detail of the car, which gear, how did we choose our route, and so on.  To keep the blog interesting to most, I left the logistical detail out, with vague promises of providing the detail after the trip.  So now it’s time to cough up and deliver.  I write this not out of some presumption that we know it all.  Rather, I write it out of respect for how the internet works.  In preparing for the trip the internet, particularly the experiences of others, was an invaluable resource.  So putting back in our experiences is the due for all the information we hunted.  If I haven’t covered something in here, let me know, and I’ll be happy to explain further or add to the resources.

I’ve divided it up into three sections:

  1. Paperwork & Logistics (visas, borders, shipping, etc)
  2. Vehicle and roads (problems, what was needed and what wasn’t)
  3. Gear (what worked, what didn’t)

Mongolia Camp


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